Celebrate Great American Pie Month!

Is there anything better than the delicious smell of a pie baking in your home? February is Great American Pies Month and it can make for a fun afternoon with your aging loved one. Pies have long been a staple of celebrations and family gatherings so while tasting delicious, they can also invoke happy memories and bring joy to those who make them and of course, those who consume them. Their companion care at home provider can turn this into a fun event.

If you’re thinking of celebrating Great American Pies Month, here are a couple of fun suggestions you or their companion care at home aide can do with your aging loved one.

Eat some pie!

Companion Care at Home Macon GA - Celebrate Great American Pie Month!
Companion Care at Home Macon GA – Celebrate Great American Pie Month!

Of course, the most delicious way to celebrate is to have some pie. Ask your loved one what his favorite pie is and then take him out to a restaurant, bakery, or grocery store to purchase that pie. His companion care at home team can also help him find his favorite pie to enjoy. If going to a restaurant, it can be kind of fun to simply go out for a slice of pie. While you can also add it to the end of a meal, sitting down and focusing solely on the pie will make the event stand out more in your loved one’s memory bank.

You might want to do a little research before you go, especially if your loved one has his heart set on a particular type of pie. Ask your companion care at home provider to make some phone calls before you head out or check menus online so that your senior can be sure to be able to get his favorite slice of pie when you visit.

Bake some pie!

Baking a pie can seem daunting, but luckily, with a little help, your loved one can participate in an afternoon of baking pies for himself and/or his loved ones.

First, find a trusted recipe. Maybe your loved one has an old family recipe he’d like to try out or bake again. Review the ingredients needed and then head to the grocery store to get everything he’ll need.
While you’re at the grocery store, don’t forget to look for items that may make the baking easier. If making the crust seems like too much work, you can purchase pie crusts in many grocery stores. You can also often buy fillings or toppings to make it an easier task. If buying fruit, make sure it’s at the correct ripeness if you’re heading home right after to bake.

Have a companion care at home provider or yourself assist in the kitchen with any tasks your loved one needs assistance with. It might be helpful to have someone else chop up fruit or roll out the crust

Share your pie!

Whether your loved one purchased a whole pie at the store or made his own, celebrate Great American Pies month by inviting guests over to enjoy some delicious pie and the stories that go along with it. Ask your loved one when he first had this pie and why it’s so special for him.

Don’t forget to take some photos of your day and the memories you have created around Great American Pies Month.

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