Healthy Alternatives To Ice Cream Seniors Can Enjoy

The warm weather is here, and that means cold summer treats. But ice cream isn’t a great treat for seniors because it has a lot of sugar and calories. Seniors who are watching their weight need to watch the amount of sugar that they eat. Seniors who have health conditions like diabetes also need to avoid sugary foods. If your senior mom or dad loves cold treats but is trying to stay away from sugar there are a lot of great healthy alternatives to ice cream they can enjoy on a hot day. Some of these treats are easy to make at home, especially if your senior parent has senior home care services.

With a home care provider to help your mom or dad use a blender or other equipment, they will be able to try all kinds of healthy delicious cold treats this summer like:

Frozen Yogurt

Senior Home Care Cochran GA - Healthy Alternatives To Ice Cream Seniors Can Enjoy
Senior Home Care Cochran GA – Healthy Alternatives To Ice Cream Seniors Can Enjoy

Made from cultured milk, it often contains probiotics and comes in various flavors. Choose low-sugar options for a healthier treat. Your senior parent can even make their own frozen yogurt by freezing their favorite variety of yogurt from the store. Just pour the yogurt into a bowl and freeze it for a few hours.

Frozen Fruit Bars

These bars are made from pureed fruit and juice and they are very simple to make at home or they can be purchased at the grocery store. To make them at home your senior parent will need a silicon or plastic popsicle set, which is a great investment for the summer. Pour frozen or fresh fruit into a blender and blend it with fruit juice. Don’t blend it too fine, the pulpy chunks of fruit add texture to the bars. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze.

Banana Ice Cream

Also known as “nice cream,” it’s made by blending frozen bananas until creamy. You can add other fruits or a touch of honey for extra flavor. This simple frozen treat is almost exactly the same in texture as ice cream, so it’s perfect for seniors who love the texture of ice cream but shouldn’t eat sugary ice cream. Whip frozen bananas until they form a smooth mixture like ice cream. Add heavy cream if necessary. Then add in frozen fruit, coffee, or whatever flavor your senior parent likes. Freeze and eat just like ice cream. They can even be frozen as just slices for their ice cream-like texture.


Made from fruit and water, sorbet is a dairy-free option that’s lower in fat. Again, choose varieties with no added sugar for a healthier choice, or make it at home. Making sorbet is a great way to use up fruit that is about to turn.

Greek Yogurt Pops

These popsicles are made with Greek yogurt and fruit, providing a good source of protein and probiotics. They can be purchased premade or you can make them at home with Greek yogurt from the store and your mom or dad’s favorite fruit.

Fruit Slushies

Blend frozen fruit with a bit of juice or water for a refreshing and hydrating treat without added sugars.

Acai Bowls

Blend frozen acai puree with other frozen fruits and a splash of juice or milk, then top with nuts, seeds, and fresh fruit for a nutritious bowl.

Frozen Coconut Milk Desserts

Made from coconut milk, these are dairy-free and often lower in sugar than traditional ice cream. They come in various flavors.

Frozen Grapes or Berries

Simply freeze grapes or berries for a quick, refreshing, and naturally sweet treat that’s full of antioxidants and vitamins.

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