Let’s Talk About Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Believe it or not, the bathroom can pose a severe threat to your senior. There may be low lighting, slippery floors, and even simple things like getting up from the toilet can be a struggle. So, as a family caregiver, how do you help with this? Well, a senior may not want to rely on you for bathroom help, but they may need it. One thing you can do to address a dangerous bathroom problem is to hire personal care at home providers. Bathroom injuries can occur, especially if they suffer from memory issues, but personal care can help them in many ways. On top of personal care at home, you can install many safety features in your senior’s bathroom when they choose to age in place.

Safety Features for Balance

Personal Care at Home Perry GA - Let’s Talk About Bathroom Safety for Seniors
Personal Care at Home Perry GA – Let’s Talk About Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Certain features can be added in a senior bathroom to help promote safety and balance. Seniors are more likely to lose their balance because of age-related changes in the body. In addition, sometimes a senior may lose balance because of medication or even certain medical conditions. So it is important to try to minimize falls in the bathroom and promote balance before an incident. Here are a few things you can consider.

Grab Bars of Handles

Installing handrails or grab bars in the bathroom provides seniors additional stability and support. These can be installed in the shower, near the toilet, or even along the wall to grab and pull themselves up. It will depend on the bathroom layout, but it can be great for a senior and promote independence.

Purchase Non-Slip Mats

When a senior showers, there is mist and water. This can pool on the floor or make the floor super slippery. One of the best ways to minimize the risk of falling on a wet floor is by adding non-slip mats! These are not expensive but can make a big change in a senior’s life. This can also help promote balance in the bathroom.

Other Safety Features and Personal Care at Home Help

Certain features you can add to a bathroom won’t necessarily help balance but just help a senior stay safe. Other things can help a senior remain safe in the bathroom and age in place without extra help.

  • Motion Activated Lights

Light switches can be hard to turn on at night or find, depending on the bathroom layout. One way to fix this problem is by installing motion-activated lights. These can just stick to the walls, mirror, or under cabinets. However, some of them require batteries, and others require charging. So be careful about the type you purchase and tell a senior’s personal care at home what they may need help with.

  • Install Automatic Faucets

Something people often don’t think about is installing automatic faucets. This means when a senior puts their hand in the sink, the water just turns on. Traditional sinks have knobs or switches, but they can be hard for a senior to handle. When everything is automatic, it takes the challenges out of washing hands.

  • Step-In Showers

A tub can be too challenging for a senior to get into, and they may fall trying to get it. So, if you can afford to renovate the bathroom, and create a flat bath, they can walk in. If a senior can’t afford a renovation, personal care at home can help a senior undress, and stabilize a senior to step in a bath.

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