Risks Your Mom Faces at Home Following Surgery

Your mom has breast cancer and is undergoing a double mastectomy to offer the best chances at beating cancer. She doesn’t want to spend days in the hospital, so her surgeon and oncologist recommend post hospital care services to lower her risks of complications. What are those risks?


Your mom goes home with her incisions bandaged, often in pressure bandages, and she may have drains in place. Those incisions need to be cared for properly to prevent infection.

A skilled nurse has training in wound care and can clean the incisions, apply new bandages, and check that the drains are working properly. If anything is amiss, the nurse will consult with the doctor on what to do next.

Medication Problems

Your mom has antibiotics or pain medications she’s taking, but she often forgets a dose because she’s sleeping more as she heals. Have a skilled nurse available for medication administration. Her nurse can get the right medications and dosages and help your mom take them.

If your mom needs antibiotics or pain medications through an IV line, her nurse can put in that IV line and administer the medications. When she no longer needs them, her nurse can remove the IV.

Severe Pain and Health Monitoring

After any surgery, it’s hard to predict how severe the pain will be. Surgeons don’t want to prescribe addictive narcotic pain medications unless they’re necessary, so they may send your mom home with a few pills, but she needs more.

With a skilled nurse on hand to determine your mom’s pain levels, it’s easier to determine if more or a change in medications is truly necessary. This helps manage the pain without risking overdose or dependence. Nurses can administer medications through IV lines if needed. They’ll communicate with your mom’s doctors to determine the appropriate option.

As your mom heals, her nurses can monitor her pulse and blood pressure. They can check her oxygen saturation levels if needed. They can also check that her respiratory rates are sufficient.

They can take her temperature and keep a record of this and all of the other measurements for her medical team. If anything is wrong or your mom seems to be worsening instead of improving, her nurse knows what to do. It helps keep your mom from having to return to the hospital where she’s less comfortable and more stressed.

Hire Post Hospital Care Providers

Arrange post hospital care to make sure your mom lowers the risks of re-hospitalization. With a nurse’s expert care, your mom reduces her risk of common complications like infection, tearing incisions back open, or mismanaging her medications.

Post hospital care services are easy to set up. Talk to our home care agency to share what your mom’s surgeon said, find out what post-hospital care services are recommended, and learn more about the prices.

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Zandrea Durham