Your Senior’s Health Is Closely Tied to Being Able to Drive

Your senior’s health affects every single area of her life, including her ability to continue to drive. If her health is suffering in some ways, she may need to look at some other ideas.

She May Want to Finally Start Exercising

Senior Care Milledgeville GA - Your Senior’s Health Is Closely Tied to Being Able to Drive
Senior Care Milledgeville GA – Your Senior’s Health Is Closely Tied to Being Able to Drive

Not everyone enjoys exercising. In fact, some people try to avoid exercise as much as possible for a variety of reasons. If your elderly family member’s doctor has been recommending exercise, it might not be too late. Exercising now can help her to rebuild her muscle tone, which can help her when she’s driving. It can also help her to be more flexible, which is also helpful for being a driver. Make sure she talks to her doctor about exercising before she puts a plan in place.

Hearing and Sight Keep Your Senior Safe

Being able to see and to hear what’s happening enables your elderly family member to be a safer driver. If she’s ignoring the problems that she’s having with her vision and her hearing, that can leave her vulnerable to big problems behind the wheel. A simple visit to your senior’s eye doctor or a hearing test in her doctor’s office can help to narrow down whether those problems are getting worse.

Chronic Conditions Can Be Bothersome

Chronic health conditions are something your elderly family member may have lived with for a very long time. The problem is that chronic health conditions often become progressively worse over time. Some of those conditions, like high blood pressure, can create problems when your senior is driving. Low blood sugar can change how she makes decisions. If your senior has these under close control, then her health may not be an issue. But if her health is getting markedly worse, that’s a potential problem.

It May Be Time for Other Options

There are still other options for your senior, though. If she’s feeling uncomfortable driving or she realizes that her health is creating problems behind the wheel, it may be time to lean on those other options. Your senior may have other family members who are willing to help drive, but that can sometimes leave her waiting. A much timelier option is to hire senior care providers who can be there as soon as your senior needs them.

Your senior needs to understand that her health and being willing to pay attention to her health can be instrumental in keeping her driving. If she’s ready to give that up, though, she may find that’s not such a terrible solution.

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Zandrea Durham