Is Your Mom Lonely? Here’s How To Tell

If your mom lost her spouse and she’s still living in the family home, she may be lonely. Seniors often hesitate to tell their children and families if they are experiencing loneliness because they don’t want to be a burden. However, loneliness can cause some serious physical and mental health problems for seniors, especially for seniors who are living alone. Some doctors are calling loneliness in seniors an “epidemic” because it’s so common. Companion care at home services are a great way to make sure that your mom isn’t lonely.

Companion care at home means that your mom will get regular visits from a care provider that is more like a friend than a care provider. With companion care at home, your mom will have someone to talk to, watch TV with, do activities with like puzzles or play games, and someone to share meals with. If you can’t visit your mom as much as you’d like because you have work, school, or family obligations companion care at home can fill in the gaps so that your mom doesn’t get lonely.

Even if your mom doesn’t tell you that she is lonely, if you notice your mom displaying any of these symptoms of loneliness you should talk to her about companion care at home:

Withdrawing From The Family Or Friends

Companion Care at Home Perry GA - Is Your Mom Lonely? Here’s How To Tell
Companion Care at Home Perry GA – Is Your Mom Lonely? Here’s How To Tell

Seniors who feel lonely may withdraw from social interactions and avoid activities they once enjoyed. They may isolate themselves from friends, family, and community events. If your mom used to enjoy church events, neighborhood gatherings, or other events and now doesn’t want to be around people she could be lonely.

Feelings Of Sadness Or Depression That Don’t Go Away

Feelings of sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness are common among lonely seniors. They may experience prolonged periods of low mood or depression. If you notice that your mom seems to be down a lot more than she used to, or if she talks about life negatively she could be lonely.

No Joy In Hobbies

Seniors who feel lonely may lose interest in hobbies, activities, or social gatherings that they previously enjoyed. They may no longer find pleasure in things that once brought them joy. If your mom doesn’t want to do the things she used to enjoy that’s a sure sign of loneliness.


Lots of things can cause fatigue in seniors, but loneliness is one of those things. If your mom seems to be more tired than usual or would rather sleep than have visitors you should talk to her doctor to rule out a medical cause. Then consider companion care to help her find interest in life again.

Sleep Issues

If your mom is having trouble sleeping or is sleeping too much that could be due to loneliness. Loneliness can cause changes in sleep patterns and cause insomnia.

Feeling Sick Without Cause

Loneliness can manifest in physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, or general aches and pains. If your mom says that she’s feeling sick but there’s no physical reason for her to be ill, it could be due to loneliness.

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