Indoor Walking Can Help Seniors Stay Active In Bad Weather

Seniors who want to be healthy need to be getting exercise most days, if not every day. And walking is one of the best exercises for seniors. Almost all seniors can enjoy walking, and it’s a low-impact exercise that will help seniors improve their physical and mental health. But when the weather is cold, wet, snowy, or icy seniors may not be able to exercise outdoors safely. A great alternative to not exercising is for seniors to do some indoor walking and have their home care aide oversee them.

What’s Indoor Walking?

Home Care Gray GA - Indoor Walking Can Help Seniors Stay Active In Bad Weather
Home Care Gray GA – Indoor Walking Can Help Seniors Stay Active In Bad Weather

Indoor walking is an exercise program where seniors take steps at various paces to increase their heart rates and improve their mobility. Indoor walking is a great workout and it can be just as good as a walk outdoors. Some seniors may prefer indoor walking if they don’t like to walk alone or they don’t live in an area with safe sidewalks or trails to walk on.

Some of the benefits of an indoor walking workout for seniors are:

Variety and Customized Exercise

Seniors can get bored taking the same walk on the same route every day. When seniors use in-home walking workouts they can try different workout DVDs or stream live walk-at-home workouts so that they are doing a different workout with different moves and music every day. It’s the perfect way for seniors to stick with a low-impact exercise that they can do easily but also change it up so that they don’t get bored.

When seniors are enjoying a walk-at-home DVD or streaming workout they can customize the workout to their ability. If they need to slow down or take a break they can. Or, if they want to walk faster or carry weights to make the workout more challenging they can do that too. An in-home walking workout lets every senior do the amount of exercise they want to or can comfortably do. That helps seniors avoid injuries.

Not Working Out Alone

Seniors that are participating in a walk-at-home workout don’t have to work out alone. Of course, seniors with home care services can always have their home care provider go with them on a walk. But when seniors are using a walking workout DVD or streaming a workout they are working out with an exercise leader and a bunch of other people of all abilities who are doing the workout too. It will help seniors stay motivated to work out when they can see other seniors doing the same walking workout at the same time.

No Safety Hazards

There are always safety hazards when seniors are walking outside. Seniors could trip and fall on cracks in the sidewalk, slip on the wet ground if the weather is bad, miss a curb and sprain their ankle, and get injured in many other ways. Walking at home there is far less risk of an injury and seniors can always stop if they need to or if they are worried that they are doing too much.

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