The Best Low-Impact Exercise For Seniors

When seniors are choosing a type of exercise they should be looking for exercises that can strengthen muscles and help support good bone density as well as exercises that will help them burn calories and maintain a healthy weight. But many seniors need to find an exercise that is low or no impact because they have joint problems, arthritis, or other health conditions that can actually get worse with exercise if the exercise is too strenuous. Home care providers could provide transportation or accompany them.

Some of the most recommended low-impact types of exercise that are great for seniors that home care aides can oversee include:


Home Care Warner Robbins GA - The Best Low-Impact Exercise For Seniors
Home Care Warner Robbins GA – The Best Low-Impact Exercise For Seniors

Golf is a great exercise for seniors. When seniors are playing golf they get a combination of cardio activity when they walk around the course and muscle-building and strength-building exercise when they swing the club. And golf is a very social sport so it also gives seniors the socialization they need to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. If your senior has home care but no one to golf with their home care provider can go golfing with them. A home care provider can also drive them to the golf course if your senior loved one no longer drives.


Swimming is a no-impact exercise that is fantastic for seniors with joint problems. Swimming is also a really high-calorie-burning activity. So, seniors who are overweight and want to lose weight but have trouble exercising because of joint problems should give swimming a try. Swimming laps or taking a water aerobics class will help seniors be more active in a safe way. And swimming also is a great way for seniors to meet other seniors and get some social activity. Most gyms offer swimming classes or open lap swims for seniors all year long, and there are lots of community pools that offer special hours for seniors so that they don’t get overrun by other swimmers.


Walking is great exercise, and most people don’t realize that it has significant health benefits. Getting outdoors and walking is fantastic for seniors who are aging in place and don’t spend enough time outside the house. And walking is the perfect way to for seniors to enjoy the seasons and exercise at their own pace. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, a hike at a local park or a power walk with friends in a mall walking club all walking is great for seniors. Your senior loved one can tailor their walk to meet their energy level, physical condition, and fitness goals.


Yoga is trendy now, but it’s been a popular exercise for seniors for many years because it’s so effective. Seniors can keep their bones strong, strengthen their muscles, and develop important core stability by going to yoga. Yoga poses will also help seniors maintain or increase their flexibility, and that will help them stay mobile for longer. Senior centers, yoga studios, and gyms all offer yoga classes for seniors or seniors can work out at home with streaming yoga workouts. DVD yoga workouts are also popular with seniors.

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