In-Home Care: Meal Delivery Services For Seniors

Nutrition is so important for seniors as they age; their body needs different nutrients. Unfortunately, not every senior will know about nutrition. Not all caregivers will know what foods are packed with the proper nutrients for seniors. Every dedicated in-home care assistant learns as much as possible to help provide the best care for their client. Seniors will also need to go to the doctors and find out what foods should be avoided and the proper vitamin levels for their bodies.

In-Home Care Milledgeville GA - In-Home Care: Meal Delivery Services For Seniors
In-Home Care Milledgeville GA – In-Home Care: Meal Delivery Services For Seniors

There are now so many ways for a senior to stay healthy on their own without being sent to a senior home. They can get in-home care services to come and help with daily chores and even grocery delivery services or food delivery that can give them the proper nutrition. In-home care providers can help prepare the groceries and make the meals that are sent to the senior. This may be an easier option for seniors.

Most caregivers can help prepare easy meals, but they have not been trained as chefs; they are trained as in-home care providers. Having something with step-by-step instructions can take the stress off the caregiver. This is also a good option for seniors who only have part-time home care. Some seniors may not have the energy or ability to go shopping, and they may not want to bother caregiver to do it for them.

Here are some of the best meal delivery services that a senior can choose from and that their in-home care aides can help them with.

Snap Meals

These meals are created by dieticians for older adults. Each meal is created for optimum health and packed rich with vitamins. A senior can choose from breakfast, lunch, and dinner versus other companies that only offer dinner. This can be a huge stress relief and mean way less grocery shopping for in-home care aides and a senior. They offer low-carb and gluten-free foods that make it great for most seniors, even those with food sensitivities.


Not all older adults live with family and don’t need meal services that provide for more than one person. Unfortunately, a lot of the meal plans targeted at younger adults focus on multiple portions. Freshly is great for a senior living on their own with no one else. Caregivers can help prep these meals for them, and it won’t take up too much space or go to waste. Seniors can choose between 4 and 12 meals per week.

Real Eats

This is a company that focuses on fresh, local, and organic ingredients, and they will send vacuum-sealed foods to a senior. Each meal was prepared by a chef and approved by a dietician. They provide seniors with breakfast and dinner options. The good news is most of the dinner options can be used as lunch and dinner.

Mom’s Meals

Mom’s does not do frozen food; they only do refrigerated food, and it is strictly catered to older adults. All of the meals are meant for people who struggle with diabetes, chronic kidney disease, cancer, or difficulty swallowing food. This is what makes it perfect for seniors; it is also easy for in-home care providers to prepare.

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