Why Seniors Are Great Mentors

Often seniors struggle to find purpose after they have retired and are aging at home. They may feel that if they receive in-home care services their abilities have diminished. But volunteering can provide seniors with a purpose and a chance to do something for the community. Seniors can volunteer in a lot of different roles but they are particularly well-suited to be mentors. With life experience and decades of workplace and management experience, seniors have fantastic skills that they can teach to kids and young adults. Those skills can change the lives of teenagers and young adults who don’t have anyone in their lives to teach them life lessons like how to resolve conflicts, how to dress for a job interview, and how to be a responsible adult.

Some of the skills that seniors have that make them ideal mentors include:

Time Management Skills

In-Home Care Cochran GA - Why Seniors Are Great Mentors
In-Home Care Cochran GA – Why Seniors Are Great Mentors

Children aren’t born knowing how to manage their time. They need to be taught how to effectively work on tasks and manage responsibilities. Seniors who have been working a job, raising kids, and studying for decades have great time management skills that they can share with teenagers and young adults to help them be more productive. And with emotional support and consistent teaching from a senior mentor teens and young adults can learn how to manage their own responsibilities like work and schoolwork so that they can be successful throughout their lives.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Another important skill that seniors can teach is conflict resolution. Too often these days teens and young adults aren’t taught to manage a situation where there is disagreement in a healthy and productive way. But when it comes to getting along with coworkers, being able to lead people effectively and even performing basic customer service and other job skills people need to know how to listen, communicate effectively, and solve problems without getting upset, angry, or accusatory. Seniors can teach teens and young adults the right way to handle conflict situations.

Household Skills from Seniors and Their In-Home Care Aides

Household skills are also important when it comes to preparing kids to enter adulthood. Kids need to learn how to do basic cooking and shopping. They also need to know how to do a load of laundry, properly wash dishes, vacuum the floor, dust, and manage a household budget. If their parents can’t teach them those skills a senior mentor can. And seniors who have in-home care can also get help from their in-home care provider to teach kids the right way to clean, manage a home, and do basic household repairs like cleaning out a drain.

Relationship Skills

One of the best skills that seniors can teach young people is how to communicate effectively and maintain relationships. Relationships with friends, co-workers, family members, neighbors, and others are essential for adults. But too many young adults aren’t learning how to have relationships with other people that will last. When seniors who have been at the same job for decades, been married for decades, or lived in the same neighborhood for decades teach young adults how to nurture and maintain relationships they are teaching them something that will impact their entire life.

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