Things To Do Before A Senior Parent Is Released From The Hospital

When a senior parent has to stay in the hospital because of an illness or a fall it can be very scary for family members. But the most dangerous time for seniors after a fall or an illness is when they go home from the hospital. Seniors have a higher risk of having another fall when they return home from the hospital after a fall. And seniors who have had a stroke or heart attack have a high risk of having another one when they go home. Post hospital care services for seniors can provide the extra care and support that seniors need while they are recovering.

When the doctor tells you that your senior parent is ready to be released from the hospital there are some things that you should do immediately like:

Arrange For Post Hospital Care

Post Hospital Care Milledgeville GA - Things To Do Before A Senior Parent Is Released From The Hospital
Post Hospital Care Milledgeville GA – Things To Do Before A Senior Parent Is Released From The Hospital

Your senior parent shouldn’t be alone when the come home from a hospital stay. Your senior parent will need help getting to the bathroom and getting around the house. And they will need help with things like meals, drinks, and keeping the house clean. When you know that your senior parent is going to be released from the hospital call a local care agency to find out more about post hospital care.

Get A First Floor Bedroom Set Up If Necessary

If your senior parent has a bedroom on the second floor of their home it may be the case that they can’t easily travel up and down the stairs until they are fully recovered. They may need to have a bed set up on the first floor during their recovery. If there is a guest room on the first floor that room can be used, but if not you may need to rent a hospital bed and have it set up in the living room or another room on the first floor. Make sure that there is an appropriate space for your senior loved one before they are scheduled to be released.

Make Sure Any Medical Equipment Needed Is In The House

After coming home from a hospital stay your senior parent may need a special commode, a walker, a wheelchair, or other medical equipment that can help them during their recovery. Try to have all of that equipment in place before your senior parent comes home so that it’s already there for them to use when they get home.

Pick Up Prescriptions And Other Necessities

It’s also a good idea to make sure that any prescriptions, specialty items, or special foods that your senior loved one is going to need are already in the home when they get there. You can have prescriptions delivered if you don’t have time to pick them up or a post hospital care aide can pick them up so that you can focus on getting your senior parent safely back home. Once they are at home your senior parent can relax and continue their recovery in a place where they feel happy and comfortable.

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