If your parent has decided he’d like to have a pet companion and is thinking about getting a cat to keep him company, there are several concerns you’ll want to address before you make that important and long-term purchase.

Elder Care Dublin GA - The Best Cat for Your Senior
Elder Care Dublin GA – The Best Cat for Your Senior

While for many a cat can seem like a better choice than a dog because cats are generally lower-maintenance (no need to take your cat for a walk or spend a lot of money on grooming it), being a cat owner is still a large responsibility that should be entered into with the proper knowledge of what may be the best cat for your parent. So, before you head to a pet store, a shelter or a private seller and your parent falls head-over-heels in love with a certain feline, sit down and have a conversation about some important determining factors of purchasing a cat.

Age matters:

Kittens are truly the most adorable creatures on earth! With their large eyes and playful antics, they provide never-ending entertainment. But they also need to litter-box trained and have a ton of energy. With new teeth, they bite like crazy and destroy many home furnishings around them. While an elder care professional can help somewhat with a kitten’s caretaking needs, it’ll mostly fall on your parent to manage that little bundle of joy (and chaos!). On the flip side, a somewhat older cat is usually already trained and is no longer teething or needing a lot extra attention.

Breed matters:

Many people think a cat is a cat is a cat. But like dogs, there are cat breeds that might have a predisposition to a temperament that is more amenable to your aging’s parent’s life and home. Some great breeds for a senior purchasing a cat are:

  • Russian Blue – this short-haired cat has a gentle temperament and thrives in calm environments.
  • British Short-hair – this cat easily amuses itself and requires very little grooming.
  • Scottish Fold – an extremely affectionate cat that is looking for someone to bond with and keep company.
  • Snowshoe – a gorgeous cat that looks like a fluffy Siamese cat. It’s very docile and easy to live with.
  • Mixed Breed – it’s easy to find plenty of these types of cats. They are usually quite laid back, especially in their senior years. Speak to the current owners to determine personality and companionship levels.

Budget matters:

While finding the perfect breed cat can be nice, oftentimes, budget needs to be taken into consideration. Having your parent check out a local shelter could really help her budget as well as save a cat’s life! Make sure the shelter does a thorough health analysis of the cat first, providing all needed shots and care before the cat goes home with your parent.

Depression, loneliness and sometime a loss of purpose can all be common in the elderly. Having another living being to care for such as a cat can be a real boost and bring some much needed joy into your parent’s life.

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