The Essential Guide to Senior Home Care Services

Senior home care services are designed to help your dad maintain his independence as he spends his days alone. He doesn’t want to move to a new community, but you’re hesitant to leave him alone after his last fall. Senior home care makes both of you happy.

Take a closer look at all that senior home care can and cannot do for your dad. Our essential guide to senior care provides a deeper look into the available services.


Senior Home Care Milledgeville GA - The Essential Guide to Senior Home Care Services
Senior Home Care Milledgeville GA – The Essential Guide to Senior Home Care Services

Your dad has a hard time with some housekeeping chores. He can dust and fold laundry, but he struggles to get to the laundry room with a heavy basket of dirty clothes, towels, and sheets. He may be unable to vacuum harder-to-reach areas like stairs.

He has a hard time carrying out the trash when it’s full. He might find it difficult to walk his wheeled recycling and trash bins to the curb. He can have a caregiver help with all of this.

Personal Care

If your dad is having a hard time with personal care tasks like trimming his toenails, shaving, or washing his hair, arrange to have caregivers assist with grooming and hygiene. He shouldn’t go without.

People often overlook the importance of trimmed toenails. If they get too long, shoes don’t fit correctly. Toenails may dig into neighboring toes and create cuts that can easily get infected.

Washing his skin every few days removes dirt, grime, and bacteria that can lead to infections. He doesn’t have to wash his entire body daily, as that can dry the skin, but he should take a shower after working in his garden, sweating more than normal, or having an illness like the flu or norovirus.

Meal Preparation Done by Senior Home Care Aides

Does your dad cook his own meals? Hire senior home care providers to plan weekly menus with him, prepare meals that interest him, and shop for groceries together. If your dad dislikes shopping, his caregiver can pick up the things he needs or place an order for delivery.

If your dad has a specific diet he’s supposed to follow, such as low sodium or sugar-free, his caregiver can read labels for him in the stores and make sure he’s not purchasing the wrong things.

Along with meals, your dad also has a caregiver around to make sure he drinks plenty of water, seltzer, milk, and other beverages throughout the day. This is important if he’s ever been dehydrated or needs to make sure he’s taking care of his kidneys properly.


Your dad is no longer able to drive his car. That doesn’t mean he needs to stop going out. His caregiver can drive him to appointments, join him when he runs errands, and bring him to social events at libraries, community centers, and senior centers.

Once you know what will help your dad remain independent as he ages at home, call a specialist in senior home care. Talk about the prices, ask any questions you and your dad have, and start building a schedule of visits that supports him.

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